daily art project

Raphaël Hermans


This is my personal visual diary covering a whole year. From January 26th 2016 to January 26th 2017, I will produce and share one piece of art each day. This can be a drawing, mixed media artwork or a photo. I want this project to be a visual diary, without any overall theme. Each piece of art expressing no more than my thoughts and feelings at a particular moment in time. I do not intend to spend the entire day trying to perfect them – I will simply see what emerges every day. 365 days, 365 works. All the works are dated, numbered and signed. The format of each work will vary. I will archive them in this book. This project will help me understand the potential of my brain, used as an art translator. It will change the way I approach and create my work. I anticipate a year of intense fun and enlightening inspiration while producing these 365 works.

Werk met een rode stip is alleen nog verkrijgbaar als giclée-print. Originele werken zijn beschikbaar voor € 365,-, inclusief zwarte lijst van 50cm x 40cm. Giclée's zijn ingelijst te koop voor € 150,-.

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